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Dennis and Jan are currently in transition from 22+ years of pastoring in Elgin TX to a full-time traveling ministry. They preach at churches, rodeos and rodeo-related events,  auditoriums and rented facilities in smaller towns, and anywhere they are invited to preach and minister healing.  We have a Facebook group called the "South Central Texas Rodeo Connection" where we  offer daily scriptural encouragement  to over 6600 members.  We also sponsor the SC TX Rodeo Cowboy Reunion and SC TX Rodeo Ring of Honor---an annual event where hundreds of cowboys gather.


Dennis Luton has a very diverse ministry.   He has been pastoring for the past 20+ years, but the first 15 years of his ministry, he and his wife, Jan, traveled as evangelists.  They preached at churches, rodeos, social events, schools, and for several of those years they traveled across the United States (and into Canada) with their 400 seat Gospel tent.  Dennis has developed the skills and patience of a pastor during the past two decades---while maintaining the zeal and excitement of an Holy Ghost evangelist.  Paul told Timothy (a pastor) to DO THE WORK OF AN EVANGELIST.  He instructed Timothy in this manner, because he (Paul) knew how easy it is for pastors to become "lax" in their zeal for souls and the need for holy living.  Pastors have to keep things "maintained" and sometimes it is easier to "go light" on issues that could cause controversy in a church.  But if churches have ever needed a "fresh fire"---it is now.  Dennis "brings the heat"--- sharing God's Word with a holy zeal and determination to make things change---to move out demons---and to bring healing to all hearers!

Dennis and Jan often minister to the unchurched in public parks, malls and shopping centers, anb by making regular hospital calls. The also offer their ministry at  funerals as well---when there is no pastor to be there with the family.  With their family-oriented rodeo FB group with over 6600 members---Dennis is called upon (at all hours of the day and night) to provide prayer and counsel to those who are facing difficult life-situations.  The Lutons are ministering to folks in their everyday lives as well----praying for people at the supermarket, at gas statiions, restaurants, and wherever someone is open to receive the love of Jesus.  Dennis and Jan would certainly be honored for you to consider them as YOUR MISSIONARIES to South Central Texas! 

Dennis is available to minister at your church or any event where he is invited to preach the Gospel.  You will experience a freshness in sincerity and "real-ness" with people and with ministry---and expect God to confirm His Word with miracles!

     Blind lady healed                             Dennis preaching under tent                     Lady healed at Thorndale TX

Dennis and Jan Luton preaching in churches, rodeo cowboy reunions, and in their everyday lives!


The South Central Texas Rodeo Connection is a family-friend regional rodeo Facebook group  that reaches out daily---to gather the SC TX Rodeo family together---offeing photos and encouragement to its 5700 members.  It is an outreach of CrossWind Church and Dennis Luton Ministries.  It gets more "hits" per day than any other rodeo site in the state of Texas --- covers everything from the history and legacy of the great sport of rodeo (in our region of Texas) to the latest info on recent and future events.  Check us out and join the most "happening rodeo site"  on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/580911905359641/ .  We would certainly love for you to be a part of it!

Pastor Dennis and Jan are also the founders and directors of the SC TX Rodeo Cowboy Reunion, and the SC TX Rodeo Ring of Honor.  This is an annual event where twenty new inductees receive honor and recognition for their contributions to rodeo in the southern half of the Lone Star State.  You can go to our website at www.sctxrodeo.com